What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a job with an accompanying skills development programme designed by industry for industry. It is mainly ‘on the job’ training and learning which allows the apprentice to gain technical knowledge and real practical experience. The benefits of an apprenticeship is that it is tailored to meet the employers job needs and the learners skills needs,  whilst ensuring national occupational standards are met giving the learner formal recognised qualifications on completion.

An apprenticeship programme can take anything from 12 months to complete, during which time the learner will be supported by a mentor in their place of work with regular 1 to 1 visits by the trainer/assessor and online support.

A 3 way agreement is undertaken between the learner, employer and training provider:

  • We will facilitate, support, train and ensure the learner is developing the necessary skills to complete the programme,
  • The employer agrees to support the programme through assigning a mentor, up skilling the learner and giving the learner periods of time away from the normal role to study,
  • The learner agrees to commit to the programme and complete the tasks and assignments required within the timescales agreed.

We have setup apprenticeship programmes for a wide range of business throughout Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Swindon including Chichester College. To find out more, view our testimonials page.

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What makes up the Apprenticeship framework?

Apprenticeship Framework