Recruitment - Are you Looking?

Looking for Staff?

Mizuna Training can help you recruit the right staff for your organisation. With access to the Apprenticeship Service job vacancy site, good relationships with Jobcentre Plus and many schools and colleges, we can help you fill your position.

Mizuna can be involved in the recruitment process making sure the right candidate is matched to your business needs and offer help with selection too. A support package and training programme will be designed for your new recruit ensuring they cover the right training for the job role and their skill set. An assessor/trainer will support their development offering guidance and up skilling throughout their learning journey.


Need financial support to recruit an apprentice?

The government is offering an apprenticeship grant (Age 16-24) of £1,500 , it has already helped thousands of employers grow their business by employing an apprentice. If your business employs less than 50 people and it is your first apprentice or you have not taken one on for 12 months previously you could be eligible for the grant.  Employers can be paid five grants in total during the lifetime of the initiative.

For more information and to see if you qualify, download the employer factsheet.

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Looking for Work?

An apprenticeship is a great way to earn while you learn! It is a job with an accompanying skills development programme that will lead to professionally recognised qualifications. This can open a door to a more permanent position with your employer or give you the opportunity to move on, but now with proven skills in your chosen profession.


Mizuna Training will work closely with your employer to train and support you every step of the way through your programme. You will have an apprenticeship agreement and set hourly rate and minimum hours agreed for the duration of your training.

We have access to lots of employers who are looking to take on Apprentices and can contact those local to you, for you.

Find out more about our apprenticeships here

Not sure an Apprenticeship is for you? We offer pre Apprenticeship programmes such as Employment 1st that will give you the skills to take your first steps into the Hospitality Industry. Find out more here.

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